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The Rebels of Carnage enforce the following rules.


  • Respect our Administrators and Members. When a Game Server Administrator speaks/types, LISTEN!!!
  • Racial/ethnic slurs/slang or comments, improper sexual or religious comments and foul language WILL NOT be tolerated.
  • All Weapons and All Perks Allowed
  • No Hacking
  • No Glitching
  • No Advertising or Recruiting for Non =RoC= servers.
  • No bad/foul language. (What is considered Bad Language is determined by us) Even though some games are rated M and contain profanity, the profanity is not aimed at individual players and is included as part of the gaming experience. It is not the use of bad language itself that bothers us but the interference it can cause during game play. The games DO NOT include personal attacks or use of racial slurs/slang and/or comments. Players inserting bad language in to the game play cause an extreme amount of disruption when arguments with constant bickering back and forth break out. We have found the gaming experience to be much better with out this type of interference and therefore it is not allowed. We are serious about our gaming and do not enjoy the type of disruptions that the constant use of profanity may cause therefore the easiest thing for us is to eliminate its use completely.
  • No racial slurs, slang or comments.
  • No name calling.
  • No intentional team killing for any reason.
  • No excessive whining.
  • Respect all players.
  • If having a problem or conflict with any =RoC= Member/Admin please contact the =RoC= through our website Contact Form
  • If a player gets banned in a server, no explanation needs to be provided to that individual by the Server Admin unless the Admin chooses to do so. A guest banned from one of our servers may appeal the ban at this website by using the “Submit A Ban Appeal” under “Guests” in the navigation menu. The ban will then will be reviewed and a determination will be made on whether to lift the ban or not.


Call of Duty Black Ops (HARDCORE):

  • Keep teams balanced
  • Last player in should move to team with the least players (exception Nuke Town) or expect being kicked.
  • No Spawn Camping/Patroling.
  • No Claymores in enemy spawns.
  • No camping enemy teams base for the sole purpose of killing.
  • No intentional team killing for any reason.
  • No excessive whining.
  • Be respectful to all guests and =RoC= members.

-Game Server Admin Rules-

**** Not adhering to the following will result in Game Server Admin status being revoked ****

**** Rules can be changed/edited any time as required so check periodically for compliance ****

  1. A Game Server Admin should spend an adequate amount of time covering the =RoC= servers as well in helping to keep servers populated.
  2. Identify yourself as an Administrator when enforcing game server rules.
  3. A Game Server Administrator should assist another member at any time requested even if the Administrator is not in the same game at the time. The Admin should leave their game to help all members as necessary. When more than one Administrator is in game playing at the time their assistance is needed, the lower ranked Administrator should be the first to leave the game to help resolve any situation as needed.
  4. Any information shared amongst Game Server Administrators including the submitted information of any form or email should stay between the Game Server Admins and not the other members at large. Disciplinary action could be taken toward any admin caught breaking this rule.
  5. Admin tags in Steam should be displayed as Gamename Adm (when applicable).
  6. Admin tags on origin should be displayed as Gamename Adm (when applicable).
  7. A respectful, clean and fun gaming environment is our priority.
  8. We may kick non members to allow a =RoC= member into the server if we need the space. These are our member’s servers. Remember however that server population is important as well and that constant kicking may reduce return players and potential future members so use discretion.
  9. If you see a suspicious person, submit the “Contact Us” form, which you can find on the =RoC= Rules page in the drop down under “Reason for Contacting Us”. Select the”Report player to be watched or banned that were breaking rules” optioncomplete the form and submit.
  10. Banning is a big deal. We should make every effort to obtain compliance with =RoC= rules via verbal and typed requests and a kick prior to performing a ban.
  11. All perks, weapons, vehicles, sea craft, and aircraft that are available in a game may be used by all players. There is no calling of special games or changing of game types PERIOD as long as there is a non member in the server. A player can not be kicked or banned in any manner for not complying with a special game change (i.e., knives only).
  12. If we need to gain compliance with rules, we should warn (repeatedly if necessarily) with a minimum of 2 warnings, kick, temp ban and then permanent ban. Profanity aimed toward Admins or the =RoC= shall be followed by an automatic ban.
  13. An Adm must not warn/kick/ban a player(s) in our game servers for rule infractions without spectating them first (unless the infraction deals with verbal or typing in chat.)
  14. When playing in game and NOT spectating only general rule statements aimed toward all (verbal or typed) are allowed. If the Admin actually sees words typed or hears over voice rule infractions only then is an Admin allowed to use a players name. This is pertaining to calling someone out by name as an example intentional Team Killing or Spawn Camping/Patrolling. The Admin must spectate and actually see the infractions committed before he can call the player out by name.
  15. Honorary Admins or Goodwill Ambassadors are our right hand men/woman and have a permission to where they can ask a Administrator to have a player removed from our server if needed. Now we “only” kick for an Ambassador if a player is calling names, swearing or using racial slurs. (No other reasons) Meaning if they think someone is hacking Admins will have to check them out through spectating before doing a kick/ban. This only pertains to an Honorary Admin or Ambassador and not the rest of the members at large.
  16. The higher ranked Administrator can take charge of a server if they feel they need to, and can over rule a lower ranking Game Server Admin when a player is allowed to stay or be removed from a server. If at any time a lower ranking Game Server Admin disagrees with the decision that was made by that higher ranked Admin, the =RoC= Oracle may make a deciding ruling. Any other concerns LoneSurvivor may be contacted through Discord or email.
  17. All Game Admins should actively check the Rebels of Carnage website to make sure they are keeping up to date with clan activity, make comments, and reply to articles and comments made.
  18. Game Server Admins need to keep up with the emailed forms they receive that contain information on Guest and Members that need to be watched for possible rule infractions. This information may be placed in Discord.
  19. If a =RoC= Member is not conforming to =RoC= rules and has to be removed from a server they should be temp banned and a “Ban Report” form should be submitted. Be sure to indicate it was a temp ban.
  20. A Server Admin performing a ban is responsible for filling out the “Ban Report” form.
  21. All Admin discussion concerning server issues with other Admins needs to take place in a Discord Admin channel and not the public channels.
  22. Any arguments taking place between Admins and/or other members in public Discord channels is not allowed. The Admins must move the conversation to the Game Server Admins channel. In the event the argument is between members in which none is an Admin then an Admin should move the members to the “Conference Room”. If a member insist on moving around public channels causing problems such as using bad language after the Admin has attempted to move the conversation to the “Conference Room or other private channel then the member may be kicked from Discord by the Admin. If the member returns continuing with inappropriate behavior then an Admin may ban the member from Discord. Any Admin displaying the same inappropriate behavior, may as any other offending member be dealt with in the same manner.
  23. Community Operations Administrators such as LoneSurvivor and YourDaddysGirlfriend are not acting Game Server Admins and therefore are not required to perform Game Server Admin duties. If at any time they feel a need to perform in the role as a Game Server Admin they may but again are not required to do so.