Welcome New Member Vuk

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Everybody please give a welcome to new Recruit Vuk.

Moving up in rank, special ranks and promotions are given by the length of time as a member along with the amount of participation performed in the areas of our game servers, TeamSpeak and our website. Website participation includes but not limited to adding news articles, and posting comments on articles added by other members. Any voluntary help with the daily duties of the =RoC= will greatly increase the chance of obtaining higher ranks. The lower the amount of participation in these areas the slower a promotion will be incoming.

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Luckyme417 becomes B3 assitant to 1Corinth13

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Due to 1Corinth13 not being as available because of work and other reasons Luckyme417 will now become his assistant and carry the B3 tag as well. At the moment he is still in a learning phase but soon will be able to perform the same duties that 1Corinth13 has been doing for B3.

As usual use the "Report TS3, B3 Issues or Suggestions" form with anything either Corinth or Lucky need to be made aware of. Conveying info in TS is not sufficient because we need a record of everything to make sure it gets handled so it is best to use all forms that are available to members.

Please give Luckyme well wishes and a big thanks for helping us all out.

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A Message From Rebel Sirius

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=RoC= member Sirius which has been with us for a number of years asked that this be posted since he curretnly does not have use of his pc but only his cell phone

My RoC brothers and sisters:
I am again sorry for my absence. As some of you know things in my life have been a rollorcoaster from hell.

Since my absence began old evils an new challenges have come up. 1st my ex wife once again served me custody papers starting another legal battle I didn't want or need. She then pulled false abuse charges agInst my wife and a protection order that temporarily gave her my kids. The have been since dismissed and kids returned.

Then as you know my wife got called in for her pan crease kidney transplant which I'm currently in Seattle taking care of her. For how long I do not know She is doing well considering I am sorry for my absence with all the challenges I have kinda become a hermit in depression. And fell away from my personal support groups and everyday joys and hobbies. I hope things will turn around after the new legal battles and medical challenges my wife an I face Till then I plan I take each day 1 step at a time.

Till then I'll try and keep you all better informed and drop in here and there.


Promotions For Recruits

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Please offer your congratulations to the following Recruits as they are now promoted to the rank of Private.

Congratulations everyone.

  • shorox
  • Spartan_Scorpion
  • Steliano
  • Stamatios
  • bubba
  • ffk3969
  • Jesus_USMC

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 From time to time someone falls through the cracks so if you are a recruit that may have been looked over for a promotion please let me know.

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