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The COD BO membership has expresses a desire to add the third DLC map pack to our normal COD CTF map line up.To give it a test, "WE" would like to add (1)map from that map pack, the Hazard map for a trail of 1 month before we go live with them all.

Can we add the Hazard map for a 1-month trial on our COD BO CTF server?  From what I have talk to several members it is the membership choice.It is part of the third DLC Annihilation Map Pack.

Several of the members and non- members have been asking to add them.

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Everybody please give a welcome to new =RoC= Member xoKatsumi

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Special ranks and promotions are given by the length of time as a member along with the amount of participation performed in the areas of our game servers, TeamSpeak and our website. Website participation includes but not limited to adding news articles, and posting comments on articles added by other members. Any voluntary help with the daily duties of the =RoC= will greatly increase the chance of obtaining special positions. 

Harry-Palms & Akoutlaw Receive New RoC Positions

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Mr. Harry-Plams has been with us for 8 years now and he has been granted the position of Honory Admin. As a Honory Admin he may voluntarily perform any Admin duty he wishes but is not required to do so.

Akoutlaw also an 8 year member has been granted the position of CoD Black Ops Supreme Oracle. He will be speaking and defining the oracles (the word) of the RoC (rules). He will be Similar to a Supreme Court, aside for being only one person, whereby his decision is final over all other Black Ops members and players.

Everyone please offer your congratulations to Harry and Outlaw.

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