Welcome from the Rebels of Carnage

Written by LoneSurvivor on .

Guests are always welcome here at our website and all of our game servers. That being said our community has always tried to have a fun filled level playing field for all. We expect our members not only to follow our server rules but to set a high standard for others to follow.

We take our gaming very serious and doing so we realize that, just as with any game, our servers need rules in order to give all players an equal chance. We do not like hacking, cheating, glitching, and even chat spamming, arguing/fighting, name calling/cussing/racial slurs, all of which cause distractions from our enjoyment of the game. We are competitive and very much enjoy the tactics of game play and all the aforementioned greatly distract from our goals of winning and having a great time.

All players including our members are watched on our servers. We tend to be somewhat lenient on those that break our few rules with warnings and temporary bans prior to implementing any permanent bans except in the area of hacking, racial slurs, and disrespecting our members. There is a no tolerance policy when it comes to hacking. Hacking and racial slurs are an immediate permanent ban and that includes any =RoC= member as well. We attempt to be fair in every aspect of our gaming including for those that are guests on our servers. We do not ban arbitrarily or due to someone's skill level but for not following our rules. In our attempt for fairness these rules are the same for all =RoC= members as well as all our guests.