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Life Lessons

Written by GrandPa on .

The video is not important.. Turn up your volume and Listen to the BACK Ground voices .   If only this person would have had these life lessons… And please Add your important life lessons as well….

Life Lessons

It does not matter if your married or single, Male or Female. These simple rules will make your life easier when you have a significant other.

  1. Setup auto Text when you receive one… some simple.. I have one that says “Yes Love”
  2. Always stop what you’re doing and answer the phone. If your busy taking a dump simple say “Dear I must call you back I am doing something I can’t avoid or delay right now”
  3. Go to a flower shop pay the extra $20 a year and setup an Auto ship & charge to your credit card. For Birthday, anniversaries, Mother’s and Valentine’s Day, and then have flowers delved to their work (this is a must so everyone sees they are loved) on a Random day every other month.
  4. When you’re playing COD or Battlefield and they walk into the room Shut UP take your head phones off and say “Yes Dear”. You don’t have to listen to them just say it.
  5. But Most of all when your significant other comes in the house or around you and you’re playing a game. TURN OFF YOUR MIC.

Life Lessons

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Bout time you got some work done CID. :D :P

LoneSurvivor - 07:50

OMG it is Jimmy Sullivan :O :P :D

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sorry ive not been about pc is packed as painting the frontroom

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:P ;) :S :( lol WAKE UP Rebels. :D xD :O

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