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And the Winners of the =RoC= Mind Twister Challenge are

Written by LoneSurvivor on .

The winners of the RoC Mind Twister Challenge.
1st AGirl wins the Redragon K556 RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
2nd Elkybum wins the Plantronics GAMECOM 818 Wireless Stereo HEADSET.
3rd YourDaddysGirlfriend wins an Official =RoC= Polo Shirt which will soon be available for all through ebay.

AGirl walked away with it with a total of 19 correct.
Elkybum and YourDaddysGirlfriend followed with 14 correct.
Elkybum had an edge over YDG due to earlier submission of the contest.

No one was correct with the Bonus Question but all those that submited an answer were given credit.

Here are the correct answers:
1. Provide the link to the Rebels of Carnage YouTube home page.

2. Provide the link to the Rebels of Carnage facebook home page.

Fill in the Blank:
3. You can drink it then smoke it. Could it be a __________.
answer: jinroh

Fill in the Blank:
4. If you ain't sleezy you must be ____________.
answer: cheezy

5. What is YDG?
answer: YourDaddysGirlfriend

6. Member 99rsv has been a member since 2009. What does his name 99rsv represent?
answer: a motorcycle

7. What is the first word(s) that come to mind when reading "ABoy" (keep it clean)?
answer: AGirl

8. Of course RoC tags stand for Rebels of Carnage but at one time it was suggested that the letters RoC represented something else, what is that?
answer: Retards on Crack

9. What month and year was the RoC founded?
answer: March, 2008

10. Who is known as the tequila champ?
answer: RanSr

11. A cowboy had 20 horses. Due to a disease, suddenly all but 11 horsed died suddenly. How many horses does the cowboy now have?
answer: 11

Fill in the Blank:
12. A Kveldulv by any other name is a ____________?
answer: Kadouche

13. We have a member that originated from Poland but currently lives in the UK, what is his RoC member name?
answer: Spoontea

14. In this BF4 video Kryostic is killed in an unusual way. What is the name for the type of death that befell Krysotics in the game?
answer: roadkill

15. who Fel thru da quack in da flo?
answer: DaDuck

Answer all three parts:
16. A song originally written and released in 1965 was remade by another group in 2015. The very first line of the song includes the name of one of our members.

a. What is the member's RoC name?
answer: Darkness

b. Who did the original song released in 1965?
answer: Simon and Garfunkel

c. Who did the remake released in 2015?
answer: Disturbed

Fill in the Blank:
17. If you're not an acat you must be a _________.
answer: jdog

18. View the video referring to the three part question. Answer a, b, and c:

18a. OMG that reminds me of ___________. (hint: celestial clam to some is a camel toe to others)
answer: Clmstar

18b. What song is being used for the music in the video?
answer: Kokomo

18c. Who performed the original song used in the video?
Beach Boys

19. Provide the link where a RoC T-Shirt can be purchased.

19. Provide the link where a RoC Pint Glass can be purchased.

Bonus Question.
Take your best guess at what the acrony FLIBD represents.
No one was correct with the Bonus Question but all those that submited an answer were given credit.

Here were the submissions:
- Frank lives in bad dormitory downstairs
- for life is better den death, lol
- fucking love it between double d's - I seriously have no but that is what it should mean.
- For luck I bang double ds
- Fear Lone In Battle Delta Dies


#9 AnteFate 2017-10-12 17:11
Congrats guys. Fuck LIBeral Douchebags
#8 YourDaddysGirlFriend 2017-10-11 22:10

#7 Akoutlaw 2017-10-07 21:26
Congratulations to everyone
#6 DOGG 2017-10-06 19:47
Congrats!! Go AGirl
#5 shane_tanis 2017-10-05 14:50
congrats winners
#4 Gen_Wolf-727 2017-10-04 21:49
Congrats to the Winners.. I should at least got something for
#3 VillanInGlasses 2017-10-04 19:42
congrats to the winners!
#2 Elkybum 2017-10-04 18:32
I think i sharted
#1 AGirl 2017-10-04 13:21
Woot!!! Thank you!!!!

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Vai - 15:39

I am getting the message our server is too old to run the current command when I try to log in... Please advise

Vai - 14:27

I just updated my TeamSpeak and now I can not connect to our server... sigh How do I roll back to earlier version or will you guys update server?

DOGG - 10:06

Sorry to hear about your PC Brady. Hope you feel better soon Glock. Stop complaining about adding DLC map, Lone will address the issue when he gets to it :O

BradymaNZ - 21:56

Hi Guys, Just an update, my $5k computed for some reason didn't like the glass of coke that leaked through the top fans! My bad.I thought it was thirsty! I will be back soon once its fixed $1.5K later

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