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Nvidia Users PSA: Don't update to 364.47 on Multi Monitors.

Written by Kryostic on .

As the title says, if you have multi monitors and wish to install the latest update, please do not do so! It will cause your GPU to not recognize your displays and will generally do weird stuff.

Unfortunately this update includes Game Ready drivers for The Division, Need for Speed, Hitman, and Ashes of the Singulatirty

Some claim this is due to Nvidia adding support for Vulken, a 'better version' of OpenGL.


If you have already updated and are experiencing issues, you can reboot into safe mode and uninstall the drivers. Then you can redownload the previous version (362.00).  Restoring Windows to a previous Restore Point works as well for some. 


If you do install these drivers, it may be best to do a Custom Install and uncheck 3D Vision and HD Sound drivers. These are only needed if you play, well, with 3D or use an HDMI cable to input sound into your monitor or tv. 



#7 jinroh10 2016-03-12 13:55
The .51 update works for me.....just keep in mind that update is a beta.
#6 Diogenes 2016-03-12 12:37
I've updated to *.51, and so far no issues with CoD:Bo or BF4 using multiple monitors. *crosses fingers*
#5 L3th4l1ty 2016-03-11 12:42
Wont even try it , ty for the update...
#4 Kryostic 2016-03-08 17:59
So the Beta Driver seems to work fine. I've tested it on my rig (Win10 x64, dual 60hz / single 144hz monitor, GTX 960).

I do not recommend doing this, but if you want the latest drivers for The Division or the other games listed, here's what you do:

Step 1: Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).

Step 2: Download Beta Drivers 364.51.

Step 3: Reboot into Safe Mode; if you run DDU it will prompt you to restart into Safe Mode (If you have a lot of icons on your desktop they will be messed up and cannot be restored to their previous setup).

Step 4: Reboot into Windows normally and Custom Install the drivers. Deselect HD Audio and 3D adapters (unless you actually use them).

Step 5: Hopefully your computer didn't black screen this time!
#3 Kryostic 2016-03-08 17:39
A beta driver has been released and some have claimed it has fixed the previous driver's issues.

Some people still reporting it causes BSOD and displays to disconnect.
#2 Kryostic 2016-03-07 20:40
It appears that this is not isolated to multi monitor setups. Please do not download this driver until there is a fix!
#1 Leosian 2016-03-07 19:22
Experienced these problems this morning and it took about 2 hours and 45 minutes with EVGA tech support to try to rectify the problem. I couldn't get Windows 10 to boot into safe mode so I booted into Windows 7 from a different hd to get into my system and manually delete all the Nvidia folders so I could reinstall it with the previous version. I sent Marine a text message telling him not to install the newest update due to an error that occurred during installation that caused me to run into an error loop.

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