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  • LoneSurvivorTX : Veterans Day Free Meals 2019 https://www.thespruce.com/veterans-day-free-meals-1357348
  • LoneSurvivorTX : LadyDane, you can find a form under the Guest menu https://rebelsofcarnage.com/?page_id=1064
  • LadyDane : Where do i put up a ban-request? Guess Paronicon must have been dwn, since player didnt get kicked automatic.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : My internet is up and down due to outage in my area. It will cause problems with Paronicon.
  • Nickel : hahahaa beanies!!!
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Anyone that gets banned must submit a ban appeal which can easily be found on this website. https://rebelsofcarnage.com/?page_id=828
  • Roo Pellets : Got banned for racial slur? I guess i should be more careful in what may or may not be considered a racial slur. Either way I do apologize. Could I get taken off the bann list please? Won’t happen again guys.
  • OleRedNeck : ok.. i got kicked for name calling.. Shepard tk’ed me 4 times in a row 3 of them times were face to face. so i called him a asswipe. this started yesterday when i came into your server, he without provication from me started calling me names about my name. statments about me marrying my cousin, and quite a few more comments. Very poor attitude. yes
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Den, what you are speaking about was taken care of with that group removed and that particular issue was alleviated.
  • Dendreth : In your response to my email about it you said you needed to remove a group, and that you’d try creating a different one. Also I’ve seen several people on the server encountering the same problem.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Dendreth, first time I’ve heard of this. Did you report it in a Report a Game Server Issue form? You can find it under Members in the main menu.
  • Dendreth : Are the commands going to be fixed soon? It’s been a week and I still can’t so much as put the rules up.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : WolfPsycho, you’re all taken care of now.
  • WolfPsycho : I haven’t been able to connect to the B.O. server for a few days now. I’ve restarted PC, Steam is up to date, obviously the server should have already reset a couple times, but I just get the “Connecting” circle endlessly. Any thoughts? Does the server not auto-restart anymore?
  • YourDaddysGirlfriend : I heard ban was for racial slur so pretty slim chance I think. You’d have to put in a ban appeal that you can find on this site.
  • Cpt. Cold : Hey. What are the chances of getting unbanned from your server? Swearing was the reason, probably on one of my less then ideal days for which I do apologize. I do recognize that having an all player friendly atmosphere is important and I should have no excuse expressing myself the way I did. Also I sometimes zone out a lil and forget to escort, whi
  • S#AD0W&$M0K3 : I haven’t been able to run the rules command for a while.
  • Dendreth : probably got auto-kicked for teamkilling, that acts as a 5 minute ban.
  • stan13 : hi, maybe not following rules?
  • Matthewk2828 : Can someone tell me why i was kicked. I wasnt talking and i was just playing and i got kicked with no explanation and am now banned? Email me at matthewk2828@gmail.com
  • Dendreth : Hope that works out well, and soon, Keith, we miss shooting you too
  • 1Corinth13 | Keith : Hey DOGG, just saw your message. I’m living with a relative until I find a new job after moving from LA back to TX. Taking a lot longer than I expected unfortunately. Good news wife just got a job so hopefully i’ll land one soon, we can get our own place again, and I can get back to shooting Commando repeatedly.
  • Grambo17 : Happy late bday!
  • YourDaddysGirlfriend : HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!!!!
  • YourDaddysGirlfriend : THANK YOU 99rsv.
  • 99rsv : Happy B-Day to Harry & Girlfriend…..I’d bring Cake & Ice cream….but the long drive & all…the cake would go stale & Ice cream would melt !!!
  • Gen_Wolf-727 : Wow. 11 Years and Still Going…
  • marshmellies : unlucky. ive been on the gmh tdm and rush servers the most so far
  • LoneSurvivorTX : marshmellies, looks like the BF4 server is now in the dust pit of history. What server have you been playing on?
  • marshmellies : Will the bf4 server be back up?
  • stan13 : hi, do you think the DLC server could try Nuketown 24/7
  • DOGG : Anyone playing the new Black Ops Modern Warfare that just came out? Trying to decide if I should get it.
  • DOGG : Nice Dendreth
  • LoneSurvivorTX : That was crazy Dendreth lol
  • Dendreth : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FLGKLo3eoEqo7EKHhTOIRa0Uq3wqviIw/view?usp=sharing
  • DOGG : Keith, where you been buddy?
  • stan13 : it’s always yanks who do it
  • 1Corinth13 : stan: That’s because the brits are more used to taking it in the bum, and the paint was rubbed off. >_< USA USA USA!!
  • stan13 : hi, why is the brit showing more bum cheeks than the others?
  • marshmellies : is the server back up by any chance?
  • Gen_Wolf-727 : Hey Guys, I would like to see some of you to play on BF4 again. Sry I been off for a while, Been working and now I hurt my Back Sept 5 . Been off work since then.. Later–Wolf
  • Glock 30 : Hopefully I will be getting on this week. See you in game.
  • Top Gun : Any Admin online?
  • AL13N : DLC, Demolition, Domination!
  • LIL_SAVAGE09 : How do I regester
  • LIL_SAVAGE09 : I can’t stream only have one pc
  • Glock30 : Cool Eye Tracking fit Gaming. https://gaming.tobii.com/
  • LoneSurvivor : JG_SAVAGE09, fill out an application. You find it in the top menu under Guests.

About The Rebels of Carnage

The =RoC= was founded upon and is dedicated in providing a fair and level playing field for everyone that plays in our servers. We DO NOT tolerate hackers, cheaters, troublemakers, or showing disrespect to our community in anyway and we make all attempts to eliminate those behaviors in order to create an enjoyable gaming experience for all. That goal is expected of our guests and members alike. Those ideals make up our fundamental core values toward gaming, the principles by which we stand, with a commitment towards Victory, Integrity, and Pride in every aspect of our gaming. We are the V.I.P. of PC Gaming.

The Rebels of Carnage is a USA based, Internationally represented, Gaming Network that began in March of 2008.

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