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Rebels Of Carnage

Latest Message: 5 hours, 24 minutes ago
  • stan13 : hi, why is the brit showing more bum cheeks than the others?
  • marshmellies : is the server back up by any chance?
  • Gen_Wolf-727 : Hey Guys, I would like to see some of you to play on BF4 again. Sry I been off for a while, Been working and now I hurt my Back Sept 5 . Been off work since then.. Later–Wolf
  • Glock 30 : Hopefully I will be getting on this week. See you in game.
  • Top Gun : Any Admin online?
  • AL13N : DLC, Demolition, Domination!
  • LIL_SAVAGE09 : How do I regester
  • LIL_SAVAGE09 : I can’t stream only have one pc
  • Glock30 : Cool Eye Tracking fit Gaming.
  • LoneSurvivor : JG_SAVAGE09, fill out an application. You find it in the top menu under Guests.
  • JG_SAVAGE09 : Commando I’m the one who always play with you
  • LIL_SAVAGE09 : Hey commando it’s me
  • LIL_SAVAGE09 : I’m asking if I can join because I always play your server and love it
  • Commando : I second what Grambo said, I would love to play DLC even if only on the weekend or something.
  • Grambo17 : I second what Dogg said. I would play with DLC maps too though. Several people have the maps but if you’re trying to keep it as populated as much as possible you probably can’t put those in. Maybe just on weekends or something would be nice to place DLC maps.
  • DOGG : I vote for all game types rotation with non DLC maps. Too many people don’t have DLC maps.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Got the Revenge server for 1 month to determine if we’re gonna use it and keep it. Add your suggestions in the RoC Report.
  • sluggo : so…I’m logged in but then I go to the “RoC report” …it says I have to be logged in, so ????
  • MicSa : I would like to know when RoC play on their BF4 server, I know I have not been there often lately, my health is bad these days, sorry.
  • TACO)TACO : Heyo!
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Y’all, recognize any of these famous busted hacker names? Albert Gonzalez, George Hotz, Kevin Mitnick, Jeanson James Ancheta got 5 years in prison just for implementing DDoS attacks and that was in 2006. Imagine what you’d get now. I’m sure they were much smarter then you by the way you keep dropping footprints. BTW thanks for the info.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Y’all, you sound full of crap. If you were capable of making the server go offline (which I don’t believe) then you’re capable of cheating/hacking and definitely causing disruption, none of which we need or want.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : The links expire. Use the one on the About page.
  • WolfPsycho : Oh good, it’s still the same as last time, and I already had it saved.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Use our Discord for now.
  • LoneSurvivor : Our TeamSpeak is currently down. Not sure why but I’m working on getting it back up.
  • kveldulv6669 : 10-4
  • LoneSurvivor : Wow, not able to connect to our TS. I’ll be on there once I get it figured out.
  • JusticeForSom3 : What happened to the BF4 server!!!!????
  • LoneSurvivor : I’ve not been playing for a few weeks. Got injured and still recouping. You need to come to TS so we know you’re around. Most still playing Black Ops.
  • Gen_Wolf-727 : I haven’t seen anyone playing for weeks.. How much longer until the game starts back up???? I been cking every day..
  • Spareanickel : server is rip right now 🙁
  • LadyDane : Hi all
  • Spareanickel : Yeah. once the map changed, i was allowed back in.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Howdy 💩 HEADs 😛 😀
  • LoneSurvivor : Probably a temp ban for too many TKs.
  • Tfue : Yo was up
  • Spareanickel : Nvm, i’m back in!
  • Spareanickel : I accidentally shot too many teammates and got banned. Anyway to undo the ban? 🙁
  • Spareanickel : Hey, i’m pretty active here.
  • spoontea : away for 2 weeks, cu later
  • guest_3370 : Hey I’m having trouble connecting to the BO CTF server, I get an endless “connecting” screen. Could you guys help? I really like your server!
  • Harry-Palms : if i can register with no prob, the rest of ya Scumbags
  • YourDaddysGirlfriend : That Lone is still working on stuff but I can’t keep him from snoozing in his recliner. lol
  • Vai- : Hey a chat box… What else is new and functioning on the site?
  • Lone : Hey YDG, get to work! Somebody needs to make some money cause we’re almost out of steaks LOL.
  • YourDaddysGirlfriend : You’ve got to be kidding, lol How did that happen?

About The Rebels of Carnage

The =RoC= was founded upon and is dedicated in providing a fair and level playing field for everyone that plays in our servers. We DO NOT tolerate hackers, cheaters, troublemakers, or showing disrespect to our community in anyway and we make all attempts to eliminate those behaviors in order to create an enjoyable gaming experience for all. That goal is expected of our guests and members alike. Those ideals make up our fundamental core values toward gaming, the principles by which we stand, with a commitment towards Victory, Integrity, and Pride in every aspect of our gaming. We are the V.I.P. of PC Gaming.

The Rebels of Carnage is a USA based, Internationally represented, Gaming Network that began in March of 2008.

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