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Latest Message: 3 days, 9 hours ago
  • LadyDane : It`s back up again 🙂
  • LadyDane : BO server is dwn,doesnt show up .
  • Dendreth : had to kick zak again today for sitting in the enemy spawn while we capped
  • LoneSurvivorTX : As of 2/20/2020 6am central my email is not working. The mail server is having an issue. Any email sent to me after that time will not be responded to. Will send notification when back up.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Den, did you make a request for them to be banned?
  • Dendreth : lemon&herb is still around too
  • joelin1 : Please,Please ,Please ban zak the hack. Does Lone still exists?
  • joelin1 : My Hero !!!!!
  • RanSr : I was at the Rally yes
  • joelin1 : Pay the piper Ran. Was that you at the Trump rally there in AC”?
  • Dendreth : Of course, of course, leave your shoes at the door and hang your coat up.
  • RanSr : Let me in the fricken door its cold out here.
  • Dendreth : make sure the audio input and output devices are both set properly, as well as means of activation. Easy things to miss.
  • LoneSurvivor : It must be user error LadyDane since we have been using it. Even sluggo is using it and if he can do it anybody can do it.
  • LadyDane : I miss TS, discord wont work for me
  • yoteslaya : one of your server members BIT me
  • joelin1 : Discord sucks…. when are you guys going to ban Zak???????
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Gen_Wolf try the bottom of the Application page https://rebelsofcarnage.com/?page_id=678
  • Gen_Wolf-727 : I seem to have lost the discord link, can I get an email with the invite.
  • joelin1 : slacker
  • LoneSurvivorTX : CTF is up. Use our Discord server instead of TS. Check your email. https://youtu.be/le_CE–Mnvs
  • DOGG : Black OPs is up. TS is still down for me.
  • CommanderSkull1983 : Got a wifi box after my son said he wanted to play some “Fortnight”.
  • Gen_Wolf-727 : I can;t get TS or Black Ops Waiting
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Tested CTF server and it was back up. TS still down and I’m working on it.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Some members able to access TS but others including me not. Still investigating.
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Appears to be a problem with Activision since some members indicate not able to access any BO servers.
  • joelin1 : no server or teamspeak………
  • joelin1 : Exoh
  • joelin1 : need to ban ” Exoin” . hacking
  • sports fan : i will make you all suffer.
  • LadyDane : Yeah its me mid front , being sad for get my hair cut….
  • joelin1 : lol
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Yes the RoC family. The only one missing is LadyDane……oh wait did she get her hair cut? She may be in there.
  • stan13 : hi, Lone is that a family photo?
  • joelin1 : Trump-2020
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Lone’s too damn mean to pass away and I have to be around to give the Libtards like sluggo hell hahaha
  • Dendreth : idk, I haven’t seen him in a very long time, like a couple months at least
  • joelin1 : Did Lone pass away? I haven’t seen him in a while.
  • Dendreth : joe he is out of warnings. Next time he’s gone.
  • joelin1 : Had to warn Zak multiple times for spawn camping.
  • BartSimpsonInfiniteT : got censored i wrote pu ssy
  • BartSimpsonInfiniteT : i was playing black ops and talking with some guy on there and im not kidding he pulled his pants down and showed the server his little boy
  • Dendreth : aye swagfu that’s a little early or really late
  • spareAnickel : hello gamers
  • CmdrSwagfu : Where is everyone? Am I just trying to play at the wrong times? Usually in the morning before 11am Eastern time.
  • LadyDane : Paronicon is dwn
  • LoneSurvivorTX : Trump for KING!!!
  • LadyDane : Lone, how can i contact you in pm?
  • LadyDane : Paronicon is dwn

About The Rebels of Carnage

The =RoC= was founded upon and is dedicated in providing a fair and level playing field for everyone that plays in our servers. We DO NOT tolerate hackers, cheaters, troublemakers, or showing disrespect to our community in anyway and we make all attempts to eliminate those behaviors in order to create an enjoyable gaming experience for all. That goal is expected of our guests and members alike. Those ideals make up our fundamental core values toward gaming, the principles by which we stand, with a commitment towards Victory, Integrity, and Pride in every aspect of our gaming. We are the V.I.P. of PC Gaming.

The Rebels of Carnage is a USA based, Internationally represented, Gaming Network that began in March of 2008.

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