welcome to our new website

Welcome everybody to the new home of the RoC.

It has been over 4 years since our site was updated so it was time for a new look along with some different functions and features.

Remember this is an ongoing project therefore it will be awhile before totally complete and as with most website it will require constant updates.  Please be patient and check in often to see what has changed.

You should notice that some of our pages and post are open to the public while others will be available to RoC Members and/or Game Admins only. Eventually members will be able to add some content to the site as well as make comments to the content of other members. 

So take some  time to look around and as mentioned already check back often to keep up with the updates and additions being made.

Your ever loving FLIBDD,




6 thoughts on “welcome to our new website”

  1. Looking good. I will say I miss the portion of the other site that had comments on the front page. Keep up the good work. I know it takes time out of the day for you. We appreciate it.

  2. Wow, looks Great. but how do you connect to TS. on this.. Hope you are working on it.. My Law misses you..lol

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