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We have at least one month to determine if we keep the Revenge LLt RoC HC server by whether it gets used or not. So now is the time to add your suggestions in the comments as to how you’d like to see it set up, type of game play and what maps with or without DLCs.

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    1. 1Corinth13 | Keith

      Hey Alien do you have any more info about the game or any links. I keep hearing its going to have dedicated servers but I haven’t seen anything about that.

  1. 1Corinth13 | Keith

    My thoughts are to just let it go back, and add a DLC / multi-game-modes night to the main server one day a week. Every Weds or something. Getting two servers going is hard as everyone who has tried it over the years knows. I don’t see it being any more successful this time (with less active members and less active CoD players).

    1. I heard this suggestion in TS and actually, it wouldn’t be a bad idea under different circumstances. Two issues come to mind, first the =RoC= CTF RANK UP HC server is like an injured athlete still in recovery after being DDoS to the extent it has and at this point, we don’t know if it will keep occurring. The server is in recovery still working its way back to its previous status which has not yet been achieved and will take quite awhile, I don’t think we should reward the regulars by throwing a wrench in the works tossing them out of the server when they came back after the server being up and down just because they don’t have a DLC, even if doing it to them only once a week. Recovery means running on its own with guests keeping it up and running without RoC member influence as it was and this will take some time. Regulars would need to be notified of the change way in advanced by messaging and word of mouth. Second, how would adding a DLC once a week automatically to the server be implemented? If anyone that desires the DLC believes there may be a way to automate the procedure then please provide a link with the information on how it can be done.

      This takes us back to the Revenge server that could be used as a change of pace until in the future a DLC once a week could possibly be added to the =RoC= CTF RANK UP HC server. Either way, we will still have the Revenge server for the minimum of a month.

      1. 1Corinth13 | Keith

        So you think the main server isn’t fully restored and going on its own good enough yet, but you want to try and populate a second server too at the same time?

        1. 1Corinth13 | Keith

          To clarify: The VPG and DR clans have both two servers each, but I never see both of their servers populated at the same time. I don’t see us populating two servers at the same time either. Either we’ll keep the CTF server going as the main and the revenge one will flounder and flop, or everyone will go to the revenge one and the CTF one won’t populate. At least that’s what I think will happen. Be great to be wrong in this case!

        2. Currently, the server is starting up without help from RoC members and continues to stay populated when members are long gone just as it used to.

          I discussed with you how quickly the =RoC= CTF RANK UP HC is moving up in rank and working towards getting back in place where it was. You’ll see it has moved to 6th when it started in 20th after the last attack. Should it continue at its current rate it may be back in the top 3 fairly soon, but again we don’t want to do anything to stop the upward movement like throwing out returning guests. I know I wouldn’t care to get kicked from a server I frequent.

          As I stated earlier we would need to advertise that we would be adding a DLC and doing the advertising it for at least 30 days in advance. That could prepare guests to what was going to happen and they’d have time to get the DLC if they wanted or at minimum be aware of what would be taking place. During the 30 days inside the Revenge anything could be played by members that want something different and if it didn’t work out would we’d cancel it. To me, it just seems to soon to make any changes at all to the CTF that could possibly cause it a setback.

  2. While I love the DLC maps, it seems that the servers that use them remain pretty much empty most of the time. I think the only one I ever see with any activity is the DR server, and that seems to be pretty seldom.
    That being said, I would like to see a 24/7 Nuketown, firing range, summit, and grid server with ctf, domination, sabotage, headquarters, and even though I don’t like it much…tdm. Seems like a lot of the tdm servers are pretty active and it may attract new players.

    I do like most of the maps, but the smaller maps attract faster game play and more action. I would truly love to have the DLC maps, but I just don’t think we could keep it populated along with the main server.

    1. 1Corinth13 | Keith

      I disagree that DLC servers aren’t popular. The VPG server is always full and they’re DLC. But I’m good with Swag’s suggestion too. Anything different is good at this point.

  3. My vote is for all game types, or at least most of them, and only original maps. I do like all the DLC maps and have them, but that is the only way I think that it might stay somewhat full.

  4. Hi, I would like to see the server saved, but different from main server, I like the DLC maps but will they be played?

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