Troll scammers

Written by SpoonTea on .

I'm sure a lot of you had an issue with more and more scam spam email. Win an iPhone, win $13000 in 24h, free bitcoins etc.

It is not difficult to delete all thos email, but is is waste of mine/your time.

One of New Zealand's cyber security company came up with solution how to pay back thos scammers/spammers.

They've create the chatbox that is keep mailing to thos scammers.

So, next time you get a dodgy email in your inbox, forward it on to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and a proxy email address will start replying to the scammer for you, doing its very utmost to waste their time.

I've check it myslef and it works. 

They will sent you link, where you can watch the conversation that chatbot has with spammers.

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