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Title Published Date Author Hits
Everybody please give a welcome to new =RoC= Member Grandpa 02 May 2016 shane_tanis 801
The sound of freedom. 22 April 2016 Kryostic 946
Spas Becomes New Admin for BF4 20 April 2016 LoneSurvivor 1061
Welcome New Members Fenris, -Ph-, Thomaswp, Titan7170 19 April 2016 LoneSurvivor 1130
Welcome New Member Sniper 09 April 2016 LoneSurvivor 894
Homefront: The Revolution 02 April 2016 LoneSurvivor 834
Welcome New JR Members ItsTheMarwyn and Jackyu1791 28 March 2016 LoneSurvivor 932
Happy Easter 27 March 2016 LoneSurvivor 971
New Training Admin spasblas 22 March 2016 LoneSurvivor 832
Everybody please give a welcome to new =RoC= Member Avalon1986 21 March 2016 roczbv800adm 900
Do cops' lives matter? 17 March 2016 LoneSurvivor 901
HAPPY St. Patrick's Day 17 March 2016 LoneSurvivor 907
New Black Ops Admin AL13N3V1L 14 March 2016 shane_tanis 833
Nvidia Users PSA: Don't update to 364.47 on Multi Monitors. 07 March 2016 Kryostic 934
(New) ALL Clan meetings 07 March 2016 Halowd 925
8 BIG YEARS FOR THE =RoC= 02 March 2016 LoneSurvivor 919
"Everything a young man needs to know about women" 28 February 2016 LoneSurvivor 922
Happy Anniversary To zbV_800 and Harry Palms 28 February 2016 LoneSurvivor 960
Farcry Primal 25 February 2016 L3th4l1ty 985
Everybody please give a welcome to new =RoC= Member Oo_EpicCryZz_oO 25 February 2016 roczbv800adm 937
What Do You Want For Valentine's Day? 12 February 2016 LoneSurvivor 937
My New Rig 07 February 2016 THEMARINE 1342
Jinroh & Kryostic Make Full Admin 06 February 2016 LoneSurvivor 970
Welcome New Member shaggy9067 06 February 2016 LoneSurvivor 971
New Black Ops Admin RanSr 29 January 2016 shane_tanis 970

Shout It Out

T-REX - 15:03

Life Lessons LOL GOOD ONE!!!!!!

stan13 - 05:47

hi,can you watch out for this guy (or girl) ruined game playing invisible [KURD]Kurdish Gaming P

stan13 - 05:42

hi,can you watch uot for this guy (or girl) ruined game playing invisible [KURD]Kurdish Gaming P

stan13 - 15:11

hi, Michael (one hand bandit) asked me to put a message on for him. he says the reason he no longer plays call of duty black ops multiplayer on ROC is because too many people muted him.

NinnjaMonkeey - 09:49

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Keep your soldiers inline. Remember to be polite to all as respect is gained with respect. ;) ;)

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