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Title Published Date Author Hits
New Gaming phenomenon---Playerunknowns Battlegrounds 27 April 2017 Cheezayy126 672
How Savage Are Blacks In America & Why Is Everyone Afraid To Discuss It? 24 April 2017 clmstar 1166
me vs hueys 20 April 2017 Dendreth 696
North Korea Missile Ready 20 April 2017 GrandPa 690
Everybody please give a welcome to new =RoC= Member(s) AGirl, Cowboy and, Digg It! 10 April 2017 Cheezayy126 979
YourDaddysGirlfriend new pc 04 April 2017 LoneSurvivor 941
Bob Hope on Zombies 02 April 2017 LoneSurvivor 875
I Think My Dog's a Democrat 02 April 2017 LoneSurvivor 805
Friends in Safe Spaces 02 April 2017 LoneSurvivor 756
Destiny 2!!!! PC MASTER RACE!!!!! 01 April 2017 Cheezayy126 741
Creating Binds COD 31 March 2017 GrandPa 717
New Black Ops Training Admin Darkness. 30 March 2017 Shepherd 706
New Black Ops Training Admin Grand Pa . 30 March 2017 Shepherd 698
Really cool wooden puzzle 26 March 2017 Clmstar 679
Everybody please give a welcome to new =RoC= Member Joelin1 20 March 2017 Cheezayy126 753
RoC Gen_Wolf Goes Into Training 20 March 2017 LoneSurvivor 643
The US Navy wants gamers to stop the rise of the machines 19 March 2017 Diogenes 545
Study: Playing Violent Video Games Doesn’t Increase Aggression 19 March 2017 Diogenes 569
Battlefield 4 UI update 3/16/2017 16 March 2017 Cheezayy126 711
Cheezy Trains to Become Admin 15 March 2017 jinroh10 662
Stare if you dare!!! 15 March 2017 Cheezayy126 542
Graphic Designer?? Got SKILLS? 15 March 2017 Cheezayy126 538
Everybody please give a welcome to new =RoC= Member Michaelweinburge 15 March 2017 Cheezayy126 537
Member Cheezy Becomes =RoC= Recruiter 13 March 2017 LoneSurvivor 500
Never mess with a Scottish cop ..... 12 March 2017 LoneSurvivor 468

Shout It Out

T-REX - 15:03

Life Lessons LOL GOOD ONE!!!!!!

stan13 - 05:47

hi,can you watch out for this guy (or girl) ruined game playing invisible [KURD]Kurdish Gaming P

stan13 - 05:42

hi,can you watch uot for this guy (or girl) ruined game playing invisible [KURD]Kurdish Gaming P

stan13 - 15:11

hi, Michael (one hand bandit) asked me to put a message on for him. he says the reason he no longer plays call of duty black ops multiplayer on ROC is because too many people muted him.

NinnjaMonkeey - 09:49

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Keep your soldiers inline. Remember to be polite to all as respect is gained with respect. ;) ;)

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