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Team Speak problems

Written by Shepherd on .

Need help. I tried to update TS but failed. now I get an error message. it will not even let me delete the folder in C drive. Tried to delete in REG EDIT, but can't find the file location and not sure what to do.


#3 stan13 2017-07-12 05:42
hi, dont know if you sorted, but l went to ts help, got hold of guy called Chris and he sorted mine out.
#2 Shepherd 2017-07-01 20:59
I have, when I try to re-install, it gives me errors and will not install. It will not even let me delete the folder in C drive. I guess it got corrupted and needs to be deleted via registry.
#1 SpoonTea 2017-07-01 19:27
unistall TS using add remove program
download TS and try new installation

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SvnTwoo - 14:17

Good luck GrandPa, see you in TS soon hopefully!

GrandPa - 14:29

Hope to be back playing on Monday. getting old and having a colon resection is REALLY FUN.....

YourDaddysGirlFriend - 18:02


spasblas - 06:39

Good Morning HAPPY CANADA DAY ehh, double double at timmies.

DOGG - 16:55


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