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A new era has dawned

Written by Marco on .

Our clan is beginning a new era now. We have a better homepage then ever before.

Lone do a good and hard job to keep the clan running after the WW III :-)

I hope we still in here a long and nice time together buddies. Even my new friends from Germany.

Let`S =RoC= together and have fun in game, TS where ever.

Enjoy your gaming with us and take care. Horrah !!!



#3 CHIEFMOLDYBUTT 2014-05-06 14:23
I think this is actually the best thing that could have happened to the =RoC=. There was so much conflict within the forums and TS I had to take a break. Some my fault, some not. Now we rebuild from a strong foundation. A house with a strong foundation will hold up to challenges. A house divided can not stand! We need to build that foundation to be indestructible. I had no idea what was going on, but rest assured all things happen for a reason. I see our clan becoming a major force to reckoned with. KEEP THE FAITH!

Thank you Lone your dedication cannot be denied and we will prevail.

To quote ikillya;
May the =RoC= Live on Forever!

#2 lone 2014-05-06 11:28
You are correct 800, a new era and things are much better now. It is good to have members that stand together for the type of principles that make our community and gaming a great place to be.and without all of the bullshit of the past. We have moved on to better and more exciting things.

Let others that can't move on be bothered by want we do and who we are while they are no more concern to us than shooing off a fly..

#1 ikillya 2014-05-06 08:22
may the =RoC= live on forever

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Ratpack - 01:22

sup all, hope everyone is doing well

Glock30 - 07:03

Giving a shoutout to all of the RoC players. Howdy

Paddy0561 - 14:39

Hello everybody I would like to play all German members the BF3 to a meeting in the TS together.

DOldFart - 18:37


GrandPa - 12:12

just about all done... getting old really sucks...

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